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  1. Foam Board Printing

    Foam Board Printing

    • Lightweight Panel
    • Single and Double Sided Printing
    • 5mm / 10mm / 20mm Thickness Options
    • Ideal for expo and wedding displays
  2. Corflute Signs

    Corflute Signs

    • Customizable size
    • High-resolution printing 
    • Direct print on corrugated plastic material
    • water an UV resistant 
  3. PVC Foam Board Printing

    PVC Foam Board Printing

    • Sturdy and durable 
    • High resolution (720dpi) printing
    • 3mm / 5mm thickness
    •  Available for Single/Double-sided printing
  4. Adhesive Front Stickers

    Adhesive Front Stickers

    • Apply for: Indoor use, used for display in glass or site decoration
    • Reversed image printed on white sticker
    • Single-sided
  5. Transparent Stickers

    Transparent Stickers

    • Apply for: Window display and glass
    • Transparent effect
    • Available in normal and reverse image printing
    • No layer of residue
  6. Frosted Stickers

    Frosted Stickers

    • 720 DPI High-resolution printing
    • Water & UV resistant
    • Frosted backing
    • Maximum print size: 1450mm x 5000mm
  7. One Way Vision Stickers

    One Way Vision Stickers

    • Apply for: Window display, vehicle windows
    • High transparency
    • Micro-holes on surface
    • Water and UV Resistance, scratch proof
  8. Floor Sticker

    Certified Floor Stickers

    • Water & UV resistant
    • CSIRO approved Slip rating
    • Maximum size: 1300 X 5000mm
  9. Roll Up Banner Spotlight (50W)

    Roll Up Banner Spotlight (50W)

    •  Commonly used: environment without sufficient lighting
    •  Specialy design for Roll Up Banner
    •  Need to connect with electricity
    •  Lightweight, easy to install and carry
  10. Everyday Pull Up Banner

    Everyday Pull Up Banner

    • Commonly used: exhibitions, short-term display
    • Aluminium hardware, 2 sizes available
    • Lightweight and easy to install
  11. Outdoor Vinyl Banners

    Outdoor Vinyl Banners

    • Ideal for street signage and sports event
    • Highly Durable 
    • Standard resolution (360 dpi), 1 meter viewing distance
    • High resolution (1440 dpi) with detailed pictures
  12. Backlit Vinyl Banners

    Backlit Vinyl Banners

    • Apply for: facades advertisement, signage, and backlit light box billboard
    • High transmittance, image can be shown clearly at daytime without light box
    • Image comes to life with backlit lightbox at night
  13. Polymeric Stickers

    Polymeric Stickers

    • Apply for: Long-term use in indoor / outdoor advertising, window decoration, vehicle advertising
    • Easy to remove, no residue leaving when torn off
    • Excellent durability which lasts for 3-5 years
  14. Hi-tac Stickers

    Hi-tac Stickers

    • Suitable for: Rough, curved or irregular surfaces, such as stone wall, wardrobe, building exterior, bus seat cover, elevator etc.
    • Vibrant and long lasting color
    • Strong adhesion, good contact with target medium
  15. Static Cling: Clear

    Static Cling: Clear

    • Apply for: Any smooth surfaces such as glass, car, phone, fridge
    • No adhesive, no traces will be left after removal
    • Easy to apply and remove
  16. Sticky Posters

    Sticky Posters

    • High-resolution print 720DPI
    • 0.177mm in thickness
    • Water-resistant
    • Woven Fabric texture
  17. Photographic Backlit Posters

    Photographic Backlit Posters

    • High image definitions
    • UV, Water and fade resistant 
    • Durable
  18. Steel A-Frame Signs

    Steel A-Frame Signs

    •  Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants & direction to entryways.
    •  Foldable
    •  Lightweight frame body
    •  Easy to install and carry
  19. Coreflute A Frame

    Corflute A-Frame Signs

    •  Apply for: Store promotion, restaurants & direction to entryways.
    •  Foldable
    •  Lightweight frame body
    •  Easy to install and carry
  20. Aluminium Composite Panel

    Aluminium Composite Panels

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
    • High-quality aluminium material
    • Weather and UV Resistant
    • Max sheet size 1200mm x 2400mm
  21. Acrylic Signs

    Acrylic Signs

    • High-resolution print 720DPI
    • Water and fade resistant
    • Available in White, Opal and Clear
    • Maximum print size: 1200mm x 2400mm
  22. Multi-purpose Stickers

    Multi-purpose Stickers

    • Water-resistant
    • Available in gloss or matt finish
    • High-resolution printing
    • Maximum size: 1470 X 5000mm
  23. Permanent Wall Stickers

    Permanent Wall Stickers

    • Ideal for indoor wall surfaces
    • Offer rich & solid coverage
    • Durable material
    • Maximum size: 1300mm X 7000mm
  24. Brochure Holder

    Brochure Holder

    • 280mm x 270mm x 1500mm
    • Silver aluminium
    • collapses into carrying bag
  25. Double Sided Outdoor Vinyl Banner

    Double Sided Outdoor Vinyl Banner

    • Standard resolution (360 dpi), 1 meter viewing distance
    • Normal resolution (720 dpi), 0.5 meter viewing distance
    • High resolution (1440 dpi) with detailed pictures
    • Cost effective, Water and UV Resistant
    • Tough & durable
    • Max. Width: 313 x 2000cm
  26. Corflute Boards

    Corflute Boards

    • 5 standard sizes
    • Water & UV resistant
    • Popular for real estate & construction signs
    • Online sale only
  27. bollard cover sign

    Corflute Bollard Signs

    • Available in 4 sizes
    • Premium print on 3 sides
    • 3mm Coreflute Corrugated Plastic
    • Outdoor & Indoor Use
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