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PVC Pop Up Exhibition Displays


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PVC pop up exhibition displays
  • ‧ Suitable for: Both indoor and outdoor, any kind of exhibitions, roadshow, shopping malls promotion, backdrops or wedding, birthday party etc.
  • ‧ Available in Vertical / Curved 
  • ‧ Quick installation without any tools
  • ‧ Free combination and durable
  • ‧ Light weight and easy to transport and reusable
  • ‧ Purchased separately with a plastic storage boxes with wheels for easy carrying
  • ‧ Various sizes and box with wheel is available: 3 x 3 / 4 x 3 

Artwork Specifications

Download template

Product Size/model Download
Pop Up Display 3X3 Curved 1500 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X3 Vertical 1500 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X3 Curved 2220 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X3 Vertical 2220 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X4 Curved 1500 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X4 Vertical 1500 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X4 Curved 2220 (H)
Pop Up Display 3X4 Vertical 2220 (H)

1. What do 3X3 and 3X4 means?
It is the optimal size of exhibition display for the exhibition space.
3X3 and 3X4 are most suitable for 9 and 12 square meters of exhibition space respectively.

2. How do I set up the display?
It will only take 5 to 10 minutes to set up the display. Follow the installation guide on our website. (link)

3. Can I get a fabric reskin?
Certainly. Customers who ordered a full exhibition set will be able to replace the canvas with a new print with additional cost.

Product Setup Guide

Pop up display-Installation:

Pop up display-Uninstallation:

3X3 Pop Up Display( Vertical ): 3X3 Pop Up Display( Curved ):