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Steel A-Frame - Product Information:

The Bannershop Steel A-Frame has SAV mounted steel sheets that are fitted to a steel frame. This solid and durable frame has tough steel sheets for a premium look & feel.

With this Bannershop sandwich board, you can repeat your message or have two different designs to attract customers. You can easily display this Steel A-Frame as a footpath and pavement sign.

These are lightweight enough for portable signage and pack-away into a simple package.

Using SAV mounted steel sheets you get a long-lasting advertising package with a trendy black frame. .

  • SAV print mounted Steel Sheet
  • Black hardware
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Simple to install and easy to carry
  • Repeat your message or have two different designs to attract customers.
  • A-stand Size: 600(W) x 990(H) mm
  • Sheet Size: 600(W) x 900(H) mm

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Steel A Frame 610mm x 910mm

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