Teardrop Flag Banners

Printable Size: 1900(H) x 860(W) mm

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Teardrop flag banners

Not only are teardrop banners an effective and eye-catching method of advertising, but they’re also light and portable. If your business is involved with expos, if you run a mobile business or if you’re attempting to attract new clientele, teardrop banner flags are a great, versatile option for getting your message out there. 

Great for both indoor and outdoor, teardrop banners are just one of the options we have to help your brand shine. Check out the entire range of promotional flags from Bannershop today and choose from our bold selection that will set you apart from the competition.

Available in a range of sizes, teardrop flag banners are ideal for capturing attention from a far. Teardrop flag banners will suit any location indoor or outdoor with a wide range of stands.

Our teardrop flag banners are easy to install offer simple assembly and always on-point tensioning in the fabric with our flexible pole system.

Single-sided print and double-sided print with a block out layer available. Blockout layer ensure the print is visible under the sun.


The visible image size of the banner (see light position)

Total size of flag and flagpole


1900 (H) x 860 (W) mm

3400 (H) x 880 (W) mm


2790 (H) x 1070 (W) mm

4500 (H) x 1100 (W) mm


3385 (H) x 1260 (W) mm

5500 (H) x 1300 (W) mm

  • Suitable for: Exhibition and sports events
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Single or double sided print available
  • Product include: Flag + Poles + Cross Feet (Black) + Waterbag

Artwork Specification

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Product Size/model Download
TearDrop Flag Banners 3400mm(H)x880mm(W)
TearDrop Flag Banners 4500mm(H)x1100mm(W)
TearDrop Flag Banners 5500mm(H)x1300mm(W)

FAQs About Teardrop Flag Banner

Which type of base do I need?

To choose a suitable base for your advertising banner, you need to consider where it will be used and on what surface. First of all, if you intend to use your teardrop banners in a grassy area or garden bed, then the ground peg is the best option. Most importantly, consider whether you will be setting up and taking down the banner each day. If you will, perhaps consider the cross feet and square base stand.

The second most popular base type is the cross feet and square base stand, because it’s perfect for hard, flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

What’s the difference between the different flag shapes, such as feather flag, store flag etc?

Thanks to their irregular yet flowing shape, teardrop banners are a great option for capturing your customers’ attention, naturally drawing the eye downwards along your design. If you’re looking at a more text-heavy design, pull-up L flag banners offer you extra space and a simple symmetrical shape for more complex designs. If exhibitions are part of your business strategy, you’ll love budget bowhead flag banners that have an attention-grabbing design and can also be used to carve out a space and make it your own.

How long will my teardrop banners last?

Thanks to our high-quality printing process and weatherproof materials, your teardrop flag should last for years, no matter how often you pack it down and set it up.

Are Bannershop’s teardrop flags weatherproof?

Our outdoor teardrop banners are designed to withstand the elements, resisting damage from both sunshine and rain. We offer both indoor appropriate and heavy-duty outdoor bases to ensure your teardrop banner stays put, even on windy days.

Why choose teardrop flags?

Teardrop flags are a versatile and eye catching way to attract customers to your store or event. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, our range is easy to transport and assemble, as well as being affordable.

Where should I place my teardrop banner?

If you plan to use your teardrop banner indoors, placement depends entirely on where most customers will see it. An indoor banner serves less as an attention-grabber and more as an advertisement for your business and brand.

Choose a location that’s easily visible to customers. Consider which areas of your space get the most foot traffic. Then choose a spot that’s visible from all angles of the room and accessible to you in the event you decide to move it.

For outdoor placements, choose a location that’s clear of any fences, buildings, or other hazards that could damage the fabric. Our banners are incredibly durable and designed to withstand weathering, but it’s best to keep the flag away from sharp objects to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Why choose Bannershop for your custom teardrop banner design online?

With plenty of experience and excellent customer service, Bannershop makes it easy to order and buy teardrop banners in custom designs for any purpose.

How long will it take to produce my budget teardrop flag banners?

Our standard production duration is 8 working days.

What does the product come with?

The product includes a printed flag, a pole and a carry bag.

How do I set up my budget teardrop flag banners?

We offer a wide range of bases on our website suitable for setting up your flag anywhere.

Budget teardrop flag banners is easy to set-up with stands offered on our website. Please contact us for further enquiries.