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BGreen™ eco posters

Bannershop BGreen™ posters are a premium poster option with the benefit of being eco friendly. BGreen™ Eco posters are UV, water, tear and scratch-resistant. This makes the BGreen™ poster the ideal poster for any occasion.

You can pair the BGreen™ ECo poster with a poster hanger (sold separately) for an effective advertising solution.

It is available in custom sizes and standard sizes like the popular A3 (420x297mm) Printed at a high resolution and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Printed on 158GSM Yupo media using Latex Ink, makes this poster environmentally friendly and an excellent choice for your next project.

  • Suitable for: Long-distance viewing, large size poster
  • Stronger material and Curl Resistant on both sides
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • High resolution with sharp colour printing

Please contact us for any enquires. 

1. What material are the posters printed on?
They are printed on polypropylene 250 GSM.

2. How should I choose between a high or standard resolution print for my poster?
The printing resolution depends on the use of the poster and where it will be installed. High-resolution print is mostly for close up viewing.

3. Can I choose a finish for my poster?
Yes, we offer posters in matt or gloss finish.

4. How do I mount my poster?
We offer snap banner hanger and poster grip hanger on our website.