Portable Media Backdrop

Custom max size (Height and Width) 2400mm x 2400mm

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Portable Media Backdrop - Product Information:

The Portable Media Backdrop is a value solution for an eye-catching and customizable backdrop – Ideal for events, photoshoots, conferences and exhibitions.

Why should you choose a Bannershop fabric media wall? Featuring a telescopic, lightweight frame the Portable Media Backdrop provides a quick, easy setup. Effortlessly transported, packing away into a compact carry bag. You can place your sponsor logos and use at as step and repeat banner.

A customizable hardware frame and additional prints available allows you to transform your display across different applications.

  • Suitable for: Indoor activities, photoshoots, conferences and exhibitions
  • Single-sided with the solid front image
  • Open pockets are on the top and bottom of the Print, slide onto hardware and hanging banner firmly
  • Strong Waratah fabric, durable, minimum stretch and creasing
  • Easy-to-assemble without any tools
  • With a telescopic and lightweight frame, Easy to carry
  • 1-year hardware repair warranty
  • Available in two standard sizes
  • Reprint available with fabric only
  • Full kit option includes: Carry bag + Frame + Print

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Product Size/model Download
Portable Media Backdrop 1500 X 2200
Portable Media Backdrop 2200 X 2200
Portable Media Backdrop Custom Size

1. How long does set up take?

You will need atleast 10 minutes to assemble the frame, working in pairs is ideal.

2. Can I get a fabric reskin?
Certainly. Just confirm the hardware you have so you get the correct fabric replacement. Its easy to change your message for your next event.