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Tension Fabric Wall - Product Information:

Looking for the best solution for stretched fabric banners showcased in indoor and outdoor events? Tension fabric wall is one of your best options! Designed to meet the diverse needs of our discerning customers, it is suitable for large-scale digital printing with a wide range promotional content.

Seamlessly blending into any occasion, the Tension Fabric Wall boasts a sleek and sophisticated design. It's the ideal choice for a variety of settings, from exhibitions and roadshows to shopping centre promotions, not to mention serving as an elegant backdrop for special events like birthdays and weddings.


Tension Fabric Wall - Key Features:

One of the key features of our tension fabric wall is its high-resolution printing capabilities. With large-scale digital printing, your graphics will be brought to life with vivid colours and crisp details, maximising the marketing performance. 

Moreover, our tension fabric walls are made of premium quality fabric with a matte finish, which provide professional and seamless backdrops. It is not only durable and washable, but it can also be ironed to maintain its pristine appearance.

Setting up tension fabric walls has never been easier. Our Tension Fabric Wall can be assembled effortlessly without any tools, and its lightweight design allows you to move conveniently.


Customise Your Tension Fabric Display

Customization options abound with our Tension Fabric Wall. Choose from two sizes and opt for single or double-sided printing to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are a business looking to make a lasting impression or a host seeking to elevate the ambiance of your event, our Tension Fabric Wall promises to exceed your expectations.


Tension Fabric Wall in Sydney

  • ‧ Suitable for: Booth indoor and outdoor, such as exhibition, roadshow, shopping malls promotion, backdrop, birthday party or wedding backdrop etc.
  • ‧ Large-scale digital printing with a wide range promotional content
  • ‧ Matt fabric, washable, ironable and no-joining
  • ‧ Printed on Fabric, a heavy duty fabric with Matt finish, durable, minimum stretch and creasing
  • ‧ Easy-to-assemble without any tools
  • ‧ Lightweight and easy to carry
  • ‧ Available in 2 sizes: 2300(W) X 2300(H) mm   /  2922(W) X 2280(H) mm  /  5960(W) X 2280(H) mm  (options on single / double-sided printing)
  • ‧ Package included: Carry bag + Frame + Print
  • ‧ Upgrade options:
       > Select from single or double sided display to attract attention from both directions

Artwork Specifications

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Tension Fabric Wall 2300(W)x2280(H)mm
Tension Fabric Wall 3000(W)x2280(H)mm
Tension Fabric Wall 5960(W)x2280(H)mm
  1. How long does it install the showcase?
    The installation method of tension fabric display is very simple and quick.
    For more information, please refer to the installation tutorial.
  2. Is the Tension Fabric Wall suitable for outdoor use?
    The fabric is easy be moist because of its lightweight.
    It should be avoided in the rain or when the wind place to use.
  3. Does the fabric reprint or modify?
    Certainly. Customers who order a full set of tension fabric display (including frame + fabric) can enjoy below services:
    reprint or replace the whole fabric for single or both sides with additional cost.

Please feel free to contact us 02 9516 2228 if you have any questions