Vinyl Banners

At BannerSHOP, we believe that a captivating vinyl banner goes a long way. Grab their attention before enticing them with your product. Our outdoor vinyl banners have been an effective mode of advertising for shops, online companies and special events. We offer our vinyl banner printing service for a variety of occasions, whether it be for a part of your promotional gear for life, or simply to advertise for a temporary sale or event.

BannerSHOP provides designs and sizes for all demands. Looking for something to effectively advertise your brand? What about a banner for a special event? Our banners are made from high-quality materials meaning no fading or damage. Whatever the occasion, we want to give you the most eye-catching design for your business by printing a quality vinyl banner. 

  1. bannershop-outdoor-mesh-banner
    Outdoor Mesh Banners
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: area that are more exposed to the wind or construction sites.
    • Surface with micro-holes
    • Air/wind can pass through micro-holes
  2. Outdoor Vinyl Banners (Double Sided)
    Outdoor Vinyl Banners (Double Sided)
    • Standard resolution (360 dpi), 1 meter viewing distance
    • Normal resolution (720 dpi), 0.5 meter viewing distance
    • High resolution (1440 dpi) with detailed pictures
    • Cost effective, Water and UV Resistant
    • Tough & durable
    • Max. Width: 313 x 2000cm
  3. Outdoor Vinyl Banners
    Outdoor Vinyl Banners
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Attract attention in high traffic areas
    • Ideal for street signage and sporting events
    • Durable outdoor quality
  4. Backlit Vinyl Banners
    Backlit Vinyl Banners
    • Price
    • Durable
    • Apply for: facades advertisement, signage, and backlit light box billboard
    • High transmittance, image can be shown clearly at daytime without light box
    • Image comes to life with backlit lightbox at night