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Vehicle Signage

  1. One Way Vision Stickers
    One Way Vision Stickers
    • Apply for: Window display, vehicle windows
    • High transparency
    • Micro-holes on surface
    • Water and UV Resistance, scratch proof
  2. Polymeric Stickers
    Polymeric Stickers
    • Apply for: Long-term use in indoor / outdoor advertising, window decoration, vehicle advertising
    • Easy to remove, no residue leaving when torn off
    • Excellent durability which lasts for 3-5 years
  3. Hi-tac Stickers
    Hi-tac Stickers
    • Suitable for: Rough, curved or irregular surfaces, such as stone wall, wardrobe, building exterior, bus seat cover, elevator etc.
    • Vibrant and long lasting color
    • Strong adhesion, good contact with target medium
  4. Static Cling: Clear
    Static Cling: Clear
    • Apply for: Any smooth surfaces such as glass, car, phone, fridge
    • No adhesive, no traces will be left after removal
    • Easy to apply and remove
  5. Vehicle Wrap Stickers (3M)
    Vehicle Wrap Stickers (3M)
      • High-resolution print 720DPI
      • Water and UV resistant
      • Maximum print size: 1340mm x 5000mm