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Budget Bow Flag Banners - Product Information:

Available in a range of sizes, budget bow flag banners are ideal for capturing attention from a far. Budget bow flag banners will suit any location indoor or outdoor with a wide range of stands.  

Our budget bow flag banners are easy to install offer simple assembly and always on-point tensioning in the fabric with our flexible pole system.

Single-sided print and double-sided print with a block out layer available. Blockout  layer ensure the print is visible under the sun. 


Printable Size of Bow Flag Banners
(Visual Size)

Size / Height of Flag with stand


502 (W) x 2048 (H) mm

520 (W) x 2500 (H) mm


650 (W) x 3350 (H) mm

700 (W) x 4000 (H) mm


750 (W) x 4050 (H) mm

800 (W) x 5000 (H) mm

  • Suitable for: Exhibition and sports events
  • Available in 3 sizes 
  • Single or double sided print available
  • Flexible pole 
  • Product include: Printed flag + pole + carry bag

Artwork Specifications


Artwork Specifications


Download Template

Product Size/Model Download
Budget Bowhead Flag Small-Side A
Budget Bowhead Flag Small-Side B
Budget Bowhead Flag Medium-Side A
Budget Bowhead Flag Medium-Side B
Budget Bowhead Flag Large-Side A
Budget Bowhead Flag Large-Side B

1. How long will it take to produce my budget bow flag banners? 

Our standard production duration is 8 working days. 

2. What does the product come with?

The product includes a printed flag, a pole and a carry bag. 

3. How do I set up my budget bow flag banners?

We offer a wide range of bases on our website suitable for setting up your flag anywhere.

Budget bow flag banners is easy to set-up with stands offered on our website. 

Please contact us for further enquiries.