Payment Method

Types of Payments Terms

BSAUS offers three types of payments:
(a) Prepaid - The order will not be processed until the customer pays the total amount stated on the invoice;
(b) 30 Days Account (customer must meet BSAUS’s requirements) - The customer must make full payment within 30 days from the date of receipt stated on the invoice;
(c) If the invoice specifies a different payment period then the customer shall pay the amount stated on the invoice by the target date.

Payment method

BSAUS accepts credit cards, direct debit (EFT) or Cheque:
(a) Payment via credit card – BSAUS accepts Master or Visa card with no surcharge and American Express with 1.75% surcharge (automatically applied on the invoice). Credit card details including card number, expiry and card verification value(CVV) can be forwarded via email to [email protected]
(b) Payment via direct debit (EFT) – BSAUS requests customers to email bank transfer acknowledgement with a receipt number. Via email [email protected]. A reseller account holder is NOT equivalent to a credit account holder.
(c) Payment via Cheque (not recommended) – BSAUS will only process the order after the Cheque has been cleared. This will delay the production of customer’s order.
Payment terms have been indicated where “Account Terms” are specified on the proforma/tax invoice. If it specifies “Prepaid” then full payment must be made. If it specifies “30 Days Account” then BSAUS will process the order to production directly, if the account total outstanding does not exceed the credit limit of customer account. In a case of account total outstanding exceeds customer’s credit limit, BSAUS will either contact customer to request payment or BSAUS’s finance department will approve the job to supply on credit as an exception.