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Sydney PVC Foam Board Specialist

PVC Board, also known as PVC Foamboard, is a versatile material used in a variety of applications. It's a lightweight, rigid material that offers excellent durability and weather resistance, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from polyvinyl chloride, PVC Board is easy to work with and can be cut, shaped, and glued to suit any project.


Bannershop is your one-stop shop for any print or banner project. We specialise in PVC board, PVC sign and other PVC product printing services. We work with all major PVC brands and can print designs directly onto our Foamex PVC Foamboards. For more information about our advertising solutions and services, contact us today.


PVC boards (FOREX) is an impactful advertising solution ideal for a range of occasions and environments to market your brand and message. At BannerSHOP we offer our PVC Foamboards in a different range of thicknesses from the popular 3mm to the sturdier 5mm.


PVC Boards are one of the most popular products for direct branding, advertising and messaging, as they are a cost-effective method of hard signage. Bannershop provides design, printing and cutting service of forex PVC boards, perfect for advertising at exhibitions or pulling in walk-in traffic for a sale or promotion.

Benefits of PVC Board

PVC Board offers numerous benefits that make it a popular choice for various applications. It's lightweight yet durable, making it easy to install and long-lasting. The material is also weather-resistant, meaning it can withstand the elements when used outdoors. Furthermore, PVC Board is easy to print on, allowing for vibrant, high-quality images that can enhance any display or signage.

PVC Board - Applications

PVC Board is a competitive solution for every Australian business, our PVC boards are shipped with fragile packaging. We also offer struts and die-cut services for custom shapes. PVC Boards are suitable for:

  • All the Indoor/Outdoor activities
  • Signboard
  • Shopping Mall Display Board
  • Exhibition (inserted into OCTANORM (OSPI) booth panels)

PVC Board - Product Features

  • Sturdy and durable with tough material, which suited for outdoor display for a long time
  • High resolution (720dpi) printing, good visual effects quality
  • 3mm / 5mm thickness
  • Available for Single/Double-sided printing

Please contact us for any enquires. 

About PVC Board - FAQs

What is a PVC board / PVC Foamboard?

PVC boards are a popular choice for advertising. They're durable, lightweight and easy to install. They're also weather-resistant, which means you'll be able to use them in any type of weather condition without damage or fading. If you choose to use PVC panels as part of your marketing strategy, there's no better way than with our custom-printed vinyl signs!

Why choose PVC boards for advertising?

PVC boards are a cost-effective, durable and easy-to-clean advertising solution. They can be used indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for use in trade shows and events. PVC foam boards come in handy when you need something durable, long-lasting and still attract customers’ attention.

How long will PVC boards last?

PVC boards will last for years. The UV-resistant ink on these PVC foamboards is also very durable, so you can be sure that it will stay intact even in the harshest conditions. They're both indoor and outdoor-friendly, so they'll work great in any situation!

Are Bannershop’s PVC boards weatherproof?

PVC boards are weatherproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are also durable, lightweight and easy to transport, mount and install. These features make them ideal for use in an outdoor environment, where there may be rain or snowfall during the winter.

What is the turnaround time for PVC boards?

The time between receiving an order and PVC board printing varies on the product type and size. You can expect your PVC foamboard to arrive within three days after sending your design. If you avail of the basic design package, it will take four working days, but if you want Bannershop to make a custom design, it will take five working days to complete.

What if the order size exceeds the maximum material size?

You may select "Custom Joint" in the "Joint" option, we will contact you to discuss the joint option and the artwork handling for your PVC board customization.

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