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Coreflute Signs - Product Information:

Featuring a high-resolution print, water and UV resistance, the corflute sign is a perfect option for simple outdoor advertisement. Sometimes a plain but bold sign is all you need to catch the attention of potential customers or event attendees.

Typically, corflute signs will be used for short-term outdoor advertising. This is because, as a material, corflute is incredibly lightweight and affordable. And yet it remains highly durable and can hold up to weathering for far longer than it is normally used for.

By investing in several corflute signs rather than placing all your budget in one more premium banner, you can spread your advertising material far and wide. Not to mention, since corflute is so lightweight its easy to hang them just about anywhere and everywhere depending on the situation. We provide fragile interstate to help ensure your product arrives safely.

  • Suitable for: Real estate Sign, construction Signs, Display board, Window Display, Foldable Table, or Recycle Bin
  • Coreflute can be cut into custom shapes
  • Popular thickness of 3mm and 5mm
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • High resolution printing and good visual effects
  • Colorful and sharp with high resolution quality
  • Direct print on corrugated plastic material

As large format printing specialists, we produce professional corflute signage in various sizes to suit all requirements. Whether you need temporary signage for a special event or would simply like to increase your company's visibility in the most economical way possible, our corflute signs in Sydney are an excellent choice.

For a competitive quotation and more information about our corflute sign services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and prepare a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Please contact us for any enquires. 


What is the turnaround time for corflute signs?

Our standard turnaround time for corflute printing is three days. Orders on larger jobs and those of a more complex nature may take longer. However, we always provide an accurate timescale with any quotation we prepare, so there are never any unexpected delays when you work with Bannershop.

How long do Bannershop corflute signs last?

Although we usually recommend corflute signage for short-term requirements, a well-made sign may last for 2 years or more in ideal conditions. The exact length of time that a corflute sign will last depends on prevailing weather conditions and the location in which it’s installed. Signs exposed to more sunlight and precipitation will deteriorate faster than those in sheltered areas.

Why choose a corflute sign?

If you want good-looking signage that doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t fall apart in a matter of weeks, corflute is a great option. It’s lightweight, durable, economical and easy to maintain, making it the ideal choice for many short-term outdoor signage applications.

Are design and installation services available at Bannershop?

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive corflute sign service in Australia, which includes full support from the initial design phase through to the delivery and installation of your new signs. 

Are Corflute signs waterproof?

Yes, corflute is a waterproof material, and with our direct-to-corflute printing process, your signs will remain in excellent condition even after extended exposure to the elements. If you have any specific concerns regarding the durability of corflute, please call or email us and request further details. A member of our team will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need.

Please contact us if you have any questions.