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Multi-purpose stickers

Multi-Purpose stickers – also known as general purpose stickers – are extremely popular for retail store windows, walls and other indoor purposes. The 3 media types offer flexibility depending on your application and how much light show-through you need.

Our multi-purpose stickers are a great option for window & wall signage for those who are looking for a budget option. The Bannershop range is water and fade resistant whilst being cost-effective.

Multi-Purpose stickers can have either a matte or gloss finish with lamination options. matte or gloss. These 3 options come with different backing to suit your needs.

  • Water resistant
  • Available in gloss or matt finish
  • High resolution printing
  • Maximum size: 1470 X 5000mm

Please contact us for any enquires. 

1.Can I choose the finishing for my sticker?

Yes, standard finishing is cutting into squares or rectangles. Die-cut and kiss-cut require an additional fee and artwork supplied as vector.

2.Can I customize the size of my sticker?

Yes, there is no standard size for stickers.

3.Can the stickers be used internally or externally?

Yes, sticker orientation is customizable, we have a range of stickers to suit both internal and external application. Please contact us for enquiries.

Please contact us regarding sticker installation service.