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Samba Backlit

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Samba - Backlit: A Better Lightbox Advertising Experience

Samba - Backlit which are textiles that have a strip of silicone sewn into the edges of the printed graphic. After being sewn in, together with the Matrix Frame Lightbox, the silicone edging is inserted into an extruded aluminum frame creating a smooth, seamless fabric graphic.

Samba - Backlit is usually printed with a higher ink saturation to diffuse the light. There is no doubt that the colors and density are stunning. It can brighten up your graphics with Matrix Frame Lightbox. Samba - Backlit is quickly becoming the preferred option for backlit signage. It is the perfect solution for events.

Samba - Backlit - Product Information:

UV Printing, Strong Stereoscopic Sense and Colorful

Perfect match with Matrix Frame (Light Box)

Water Resistant, Suitable for outdoor

More Soft than Generally Backlit Vinyl

Max. Width: 313x1000cm