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Portable Media Backdrop

Custom max size (Height and Width) 2400mm x 2400mm

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Sydney Backdrop Printing Service

Backdrop printing is a process that involves creating large-scale, custom graphics on a variety of materials, typically fabric or vinyl. These printed backdrops are then used as a background for various settings, adding visual interest and promoting a specific message or brand. As a large piece of material that serves as a background for a scene or event, backdrop printing is often used in photography, theatre productions, trade shows, and other events to set the mood, provide context, or display branding.


Bannershop specialises in providing high-quality backdrop printing services in Sydney & across Australia, including our standout product — the Portable Media Backdrop. This versatile backdrop is ideal for a variety of settings, from events and photoshoots to conferences and exhibitions.


With our professional backdrop printing technology, we produce high quality Portable Media Backdrop that features a lightweight, telescopic frame for easy setup and transportation. It's designed to be easily assembled without any tools and packs away into a compact carry bag for effortless transport.


What sets our Portable Media Backdrop apart is its customizability. We offer a range of finishing options and turnaround times as quick as 48 hours for the backdrop printing solution. Plus, with our Price Beat Guarantee, you can be confident you're getting the best value for your money.

Backdrop Printing with Custom Design

Don’t know where to start? We provide custom design package and AUD50 Basic Design Package in 6 working days. The max size for backdrop printing is 2400mm x 2400mm, you also can choose full kit or single sided reprint. Bannershop provice in two standard sizes backdrop printing (A0 & A1), open pockets are on the top and bottom of the backdrop printing, slide onto hardware and hanging banner firmly.

Portable media backdrop

The Portable Media Backdrop is a value solution for an eye-catching and customizable printed backdrop – Ideal for events, photoshoots, conferences and exhibitions.

Why should you choose a Bannershop fabric media backdrop with our backdrop printing service? Featuring a telescopic, lightweight frame the Portable Media Backdrop provides a quick, easy setup. Effortlessly transported, packing away into a compact carry bag. You can place your sponsor logos and use at as step and repeat banner.

Backdrop printing: Applications

A customizable hardware frame and additional prints available allows you to transform your display across different applications. Suitable for:Indoor activities, photoshoots, conferences and exhibitions

Benefits of our Backdrop Printing - Media Backdrop

  • Single-sided backdrop printing with the solid front image
  • Open pockets are on the top and bottom of the Print, slide onto hardware and hanging banner firmly
  • Made of samba fabric a versatile material
  • Easy-to-assemble without any tools
  • With a telescopic and lightweight frame, Easy to carry
  • 1-year hardware repair warranty for backdrop printing
  • Available in two standard sizes backdrop printing
  • Reprint available with fabric only
  • Full kit option backdrop printing includes: Carry bag + Frame + Print

Backdrop Printing - Portable Media Backdrop

3 X 3 Fabric Pop Up Media Wall - Single Sided

*All important text, images and logo should be kept 15mm from the edge.

*Top and Bottom must 70mm for porket.

Format: PDF or high resolution Jpeg (Please setup in 1:1 scale with 150DPI. If you request colormatch service, supply us with high resolution PDF.

Font: All the text must be outlined

Color Mode: CMYK, Pantoner Color

Backdrop Printing: Template Downloads

Product Size/model Download
Portable Media Backdrop Printing 1500 X 2200
Portable Media Backdrop Printing 2200 X 2200
Portable Media Backdrop Printing Custom Size

Backdrop printing: FAQs

1. How long does set up take?

You will need at least 10 minutes to assemble the frame, working in pairs is ideal.

2. Can I get a fabric reskin?

Certainly. Just confirm the hardware you have so you get the correct fabric replacement. It's easy to change your message for your next event.