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Water and Scratch Proof Label Sticker 

We offer customizable and durable label stickers that are perfect for small to medium size prints from our leading team of graphic designers and signage specialists. They are also suitable for a range of surfaces including glass, cardboard and plastic. Printed at the highest resolution and resistant against water, UV rays and scratches – our label stickers of the finest quality and printed with the highest definition possible. All our products also have strong adhesive properties that are guaranteed to last without any form of wear and tear.

All label stickers are available in matte or gloss. They are also kiss cut – this means that the backing paper remains intact to allow for easy peeling. Fret not about damaging the precious labels, because they are built to last!

Best of all, our label stickers are printed at high resolution– 720DPI! Not only will your label stickers look professional, but they will also showcase your personality and creativity because you can customize your own designs with us.

  • • Applicable to different shape and size
  • • Water & UV resistant
  • • Scratch proof
  • • Maximum size: 300mm X 300mm




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1.Can I choose the finishing for my sticker?
Yes, standard finishing is cutting into squares or rectangles. Die-cut and kiss-cut require an additional fee and artwork supplied as vector.

2.Can I customize the size of my sticker?
Yes, there is no standard size for stickers.

3.Can the stickers be used internally or externally?
Yes, sticker orientation is customizable, we have a range of stickers to suit both internal and external application. Please contact us for enquiries.

Please contact us regarding sticker installation service.