As a designer, will you encounter a shortage of pictures or materials when doing a lot of design? After looking for a long time, you have not found suitable photos or materials, but you are not a professional photographer, and your photography skills are not satisfactory. At this point, you'll definitely need a complete image gallery website for you to choose the right image. In order to meet your design needs, today Bannershop will introduce the following 10 easy-to-use picture and material websites to you.

Here are a selection of 10 high-quality image galleries and stock stock sites:


Unsplash has a wide variety of high-quality photos on landscapes, street scenes, people, food, and more. Because Unsplash uses freer copyrights for users to use for free, Unsplash is very popular in the world of design and creation. The peculiarity of Unsplash is that its photos are of very high quality and have a large resolution. Because the photos are provided by professional photographers around the world, they are rigorously selected and reviewed to ensure that each image is of high quality and artistic value. Whether you need a beautiful landscape photo as a backdrop or a visually appealing product image, Unsplash has you covered.


Freepik is one of the most frequently visited free photo galleries by designers. Because Freepik has a huge library of millions of graphics resources from all over the world. These resources cover a variety of categories, including business, education, technology, health, travel, and more. Whether you need to design a website, poster, business card, social media graphics, or other types of work, you'll find the right assets on Freepik.

In addition, designers can download most of the images for free. After searching for keywords in the search engine, designers can save a lot of design time by changing the downloaded materials, re-arranging and coloring them, etc.

In addition to design materials, Freepik also provides a design social platform that allows users to share and showcase their work. This social platform provides an interactive and learning environment for designers to get inspiration and feedback from other designers.


Pixabay is another website that offers free photos, illustrations, and videos. Pixabay assets can be used commercially and without licensing. Designers are free to download, modify, and use these assets, whether for personal or commercial use. This makes Pixabay a valuable resource for designers, creators, and website developers, saving them money on copyrighted material.

Pixabay's stock footage library contains two million photos, vectors, and illustrations covering a variety of topics and genres. You can find all kinds of images of landscapes, people, animals, food, technology, and more on the platform. In addition, Pixabay also provides high-quality footage, covering multiple categories such as dynamic backgrounds, natural landscapes, and commercial scenes.

What's special about Pixarbay is that you can sort by relevance, popularity, or latest upload date to find the perfect footage faster. Each footage comes with a detailed description and relevant tags to help you better target the image or video you want.


Pexels is a popular platform for free stock footage with new images uploaded every day, offering a large and diverse library of free stock footage that can be used by both personal and commercial projects. The platform's goal is to provide high-quality, diverse, and free stock footage that makes it easy for designers, creators, and web developers to find the images and videos they need

360 Decoro

360 Decoro is a multi-functional high-quality stock image library that supports Chinese and traditional Chinese, and has more than 100 types of images in the photo library, including festival materials, landscapes, venues, and people. Asian themes include Hong Kong scenery, Asian food, and Asian culture compared to other material libraries, so it is more suitable for designers in Asia, and it is easy to find suitable promotional materials for you.

In addition, 360 Decoro's AI search function can reduce the search time, and the AI can help you find the material you need in less time, just enter the relevant words, and automatically generate tens of thousands of results. In addition, 360 Decoro also adds an AI image generator feature that prompts AI to generate an image by describing your thoughts, and there are many types of AI functions, including Japanese anime Kagawa films, 3D models, line art, isometric and more.

In addition to having high-quality image content, 360 Decoro also has a strong connection with Bannershop. Customers only need to search for "Buy Image Materials" in "Design Services" on the official website of Bannershop, and they can view image materials with different themes, including Christmas, New Year's themes, graduation themes, etc. After purchasing the images you need, you can contact our designers to modify the design. After the design is satisfied, the guest can print the design you need in the Bannershop.


Shutterstock is one of the world's leading suppliers of commercial image and video footage. It offers a large and diverse library of tens of millions of high-quality images, vectors, illustrations, and video footage. Shutterstock's footage covers a variety of topics and genres, including business, travel, technology, nature, people, and more.

Shutterstock offers a variety of license types to meet the needs of different users. Among them, the standard license type allows you to use the Stock Media in both personal and commercial projects, but there are some restrictions on how to use them. In addition, Shutterstock offers enhanced license types that allow for wider use, including in advertising, product packaging, digital templates, and more.

Using Shutterstock's stock footage usually requires the purchase of a license. The price depends on factors such as the type of license you choose, how you use it, and the resolution and size of the footage. Shutterstock offers a variety of purchasing options, including purchasing individual footage or purchasing a subscription plan for additional download allocation.


Flickr allows users to upload, organize, share, and discover images and videos. One of the features of Flickr is its social element. Users can create profiles on the platform, follow other users, and interact with comments and favorite other users' works. Users can share their own work, explore others' work, and interact and communicate with other users.

Flickr's stock footage library is huge, with billions of images and videos. Because it is an open platform, users can upload various types of footage, covering a variety of topics and styles. You can find various types of works on Flickr, such as landscapes, people, animals, architecture, street photography, and more. Since most of Flickr's users are photography enthusiasts, you can also find high-quality photography and the work of professional photographers.


Vecteezy offers a variety of free and paid vector graphics assets. It has a huge library of vector graphics from many different categories, such as icons, illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, and more. Stock materials on this site are free to download and use for commercial purposes, but may be subject to license under certain terms. Vecteezy offers a wide variety of illustrations to suit a variety of design needs.

Free Icon Website


Flaticon offers a large collection of vector icons and illustrations. It offers various styles of icons, including line icons, glyph icons, and many more. Flaticon is known for its extensive icon library, with millions of icons available for download.

Flaticon allows users to customize and download icons in different formats, such as SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD, to ensure compatibility with different design software and projects.

In addition to the web platform, Flaticon also offers plug-ins for popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. Users can use Flaticon's icon library directly in their design workflows.

Icon store

Icon Store is another online platform that offers vector icons. It focuses on providing icons in a variety of styles and themes, including line styles, illustration styles, and many more. The Icon Store offers both free and paid icons, and users can choose the right option according to their needs. Paid options typically offer more icon options, high-resolution assets, and commercial licenses.

The above is the recommendation of Bannershop's high-quality design material library, hoping to make it easier for you to find the right picture in your design work. Whether you're in the design industry or need to find promotional materials for your business, these websites have you covered. Create more high-quality designs with free stock footage, and Bannershop helps you go from online to offline printing.