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SneezGuard Pull Up Banner - Product Information:

Our proven pull-up banner system can now be adapted as a safety screen. As businesses adapt to the social distancing requirements we'd like to introduce the Bannershop SneezGuard Pull Up Banner.

An affordable solution for every Australian business, our SneezGuard pull-up banners are provided with black stands and neatly roll up for storage at the end of the day. Available in 2 sizes 1000 &1200 wide, suitable for all set. 

The Transparent PET material provides minimal interruption to your business space and is easy to clean. The SneezGuard can be deployed cafés, restaurant and retail shops to provide additional safety during Covid-19.

  • Transparent-PET
  • UV and Water Resistant
  • Available in 2 sizes 1000 & 1200 wide

1.How long will it take to produce my sneezguard pull up banner?

Pick up will be available in 5 days.

2.Can the pull up banner be used outdoor?

We do not recommend using the pull up banner outdoor as the pull up banner can catch wind.


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