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Snap Banner Hanger - Plastic - Product Information:

Clear poster grip hanger is a popular choice for cost-effective and easy installation of lightweight posters indoor. Made from lightweight durable plastic, this product is discrete making the poster more promenent in display. 

  • Suitable for: Poster, Fabric and Tarpaulin display
  • Light and easy to install 
  • Available in White or Black
  • Customized Size & Max. is 2000mm
  • Components: A set of the plastic hanger (upper and lower) + A set of hooks and lids (for install the upper hanger)


Please contact us for further enquiries. 

1.What does this product include?
The product inculdes a set of plastic hanger (upper and lower) plus a set of hooks and lids (for install the upper hanger)

2. What materials are applicable to this hanger?
It can be applied to poster, fabric and tarpaulin products.


Please contact us for any enquiries.