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What are Point-Of-Sale Displays, and why are they so important? A POS Display is a visual merchandising tactic that allows you to target your customers at the transactional point of purchase in your store and encourages them to make additional purchases, thus increasing your sales. POS Displays have their benefits of showcasing your available products and Shop4Pop tells us how and why POS Displays are effective.

So why should you use POS Displays? Point-of-purchase areas are the best areas to place your display as they are highly visible and the place where customers are likely to see promotions or products, imagine being in line at a supermarket or event. POS displays tend to be most effective when used to display or promote impulse purchases and can definitely open more opportunities for spending.

How do POS Displays assist with retail merchandising? Shelf space can be quite costly and limiting depending on the size of a store or space at an event, and POS displays offer an extra location for your products along the end of the aisles, corners and queuing systems in store. They also maximise the use of available space on the shop floor and create better traffic flow.

How to choose your POS Displays? With so much variety available to us in the market and different ways to approach setting up, it’s important to know that there are two major steps when creating your space: choosing and designing. The types of POP or POS Displays available are: FSDUS (Free Standing Display Units), Dump Bins, Hanging Signs, Display Cubes, Counter Top Units, Flyers, Posters, Tent Cards, Showcards, Shelf wobblers and Window Clings.

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