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Posters are one of the most popular product for brand promotion and messaging.

BannerSHOP will guide you from designing, printing to installing your customized poster with our design service and our line of banner hangers. Our range of polypropylene posters are durable and feature high-resolution print to guarantee your poster is attractive and captivating.

  1. Poster Hangers
    Poster Hangers
    • Light and easy to install 
    • Available in White or Black
    • Customized Size & Max. is 2000mm
  2. B Green Eco Posters
    B Green Eco Posters
    • High-resolution print 720DPI
    • Tear and scratch-resistant
    • 100% recyclable
    • Water and UV Resistant
  3. Sticky Posters
    Sticky Posters
    • High-resolution print 720DPI
    • 0.177mm in thickness
    • Water-resistant
    • Woven Fabric texture
  4. Premium Blockout Posters
    Premium Blockout Posters
    • High resolution print 720DPI
    • UV, water, fade and curl resistant
    • 235GSM synthetic Paper - Satin finish
    • Premium blockout material
  5. Snap Banner Hangers
    Snap Banner Hangers
    • Apply for: Hanging of Poster, Fabric and Vinyl products
    • Sturdy aluminum hanger
    • Moderate-weighted, hanging banner firmly
    • Easy to install, just clips and grips
  6. Canvas Print & Frame
    Canvas Print & Frame
    • High quality canvas material
    • Handcrafted solid wood frame
    • A popular choice for gifts
  7. Foam Board Printing
    Foam Board Printing
    • Lightweight Panel
    • Single and Double Sided Printing
    • 5mm / 10mm / 20mm Thickness Options
    • Ideal for expo and wedding displays