Fabric Banners

Feel the texture and experience the effect!

Fabric or 'soft signage' has experienced a dramatic growth in recent years. Influenced by changes in our artistic sensibilities as consumers and our desires for high-quality. This sector is also evolving in a number of different directions as designers and marketers develop new ways to utilise soft signage.

  1. Blockout Fabrics
    Blockout Fabrics
    • 100% Blockout
    • Single or double side Blockout available
    • High-resolution print 720DPI
    • Customizable finishing
  2. Fixed Size Table Cloths
    Fixed Size Table Cloths
    • Draped or Fitted
    • Colour Matching Available
    • High-Resolution Print
    • 1830 x 760 x 730mm (LxWxH)
  3. Trilobal Flags
    Trilobal Flags
    • High resolution print 720DPI
    • Strong, textured, medium weight
    • Fabric Maximum: Width-300cm; Length-500cm
    • Range of finishing options available
    • (New Feature) B1 FR standards (low flammability, fire retardant)
  4. Voile
    • Apply for: Room divider, Brand promotion
    • Extremely lightweight and thin
    • Single-sided printing double-sided effect
    • Elastic and transparent
  5. Pongee
    • Apply for: Flags or Window decoration
    • Lightweight and smooth
    • Semi-transparent material
  6. fabric display printing
    Direct Print Fabric - Displaytex™ & Tablecloth
    • Ideal for large and oversize banners
    • Printed sizes up to 7m x 3m
    • Textured fabric with solid and clear image
    • Range of custom finishing available
    • (New Feature) B1 FR standards (low flammability, fire retardant)